Thursday, 14 July 2016

Micro-investing, finally in UK

At the recent Fin Con, I have seen the presentation of an app that will fulfill one of my oldest wishes regarding micro-investing (they got more than 1.5 million via crowdfunding and angel investing). Do you know how I always "complained" about our lack of opportunities, by the time Acorns launched in U.S., seems that we finally are going to use something similar very soon. I am talking about MoneyBox *, a product that will round up your expenses and invest in a ISA. I liked the concept from the beginning, and these wonderful people working at this app are very close to launch the product. I will tell you more and I will make a review as soon as I will use it for at least one month.

P.S. It is a referral link that i used in the  blog post, just because both of us will get 5 pounds bonus if we start investing.


  1. Wow! Good to see we are finally catching up with the US in terms of Fin Tech!

  2. appears to only be on the iphone at present