Saturday, 11 June 2016

Time, time and time again

I always said that the best think money can buy is not freedom, it is time, When we are financially free we are not spending our time on a job we like or not, we can do what we choose to do. So, it is freedom, but it is also time. Nothing to say, i am following my passions even now, but between work, hobbies and me time, there are days where all that is left is only time to sleep. And I sometimes tend to use it , and diminish my sleep with one hour or two if it is needed by circumstances. And i know it is not a good choice, but i really want to finish this, or that, and I trick myself into using my sleeping time for other stuff. This is one of my strongest motivation on my early retirement journey, to get enough time for me to do all that i like, and find enough of it to go and read for one hour in the park.

Keep dreaming, but the plan is set.

Have a nice weekend!

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