Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Designing a life vs making a living

   It was a classical story about three builders. When they were asked what are they doing, first said that he is working to get money for food and clothes. Second said that he is working for his family. But the third one said that they are building a spectacular church. Each of them were doing the same work, but they were differently motivated. 
   It is the same thing here, if you are making a living, you are in the place of the first or the second worker. But if you are designing your life, everything change. You can have a hard, miserable work, and still be happy. You can do a work you don't like, and still be happy. I did not understand at first, when a friend told me that he will stay in his well paid, hard, uncomfortable, repetitive work, while everybody else was coming and leaving. I asked him once, what is your secret. He told me that even if is a difficult, annoying and boring work, every day it will bring him closer to his goal. He wanted to achieve financial independence in 7 years, and this was the way that worked out for him. And each day he was closest to his dream, and to his perfect life. He told me that everybody is talking about following the dream, doing what you like, finding the passion. But he is close to this than everyone else. Another 2 years and he will be free to follow every passion, every little thing, because he will have all the time needed. That is the superiority of planning and designing your life, versus making a living. 

And he was right.

Are you making a living or you already started to design your life?

You can think about it as i will wish you a very good night.

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