Friday, 1 April 2016

Second trimester planning

And here i am, doing the same thing again and again. In April-May I have 2 holidays, a shorter one, that is a 4 days training with Tony Robbins(count as education), and a 3 weeks one, when i am going back home, at my parents (theoretically, because in practice i will be travelling around the country for at least 10 days).

My Net Worth increase will be minimal, as i need to pay for accommodation, transport, flight and other silly things. Anyway i will have some checks coming at the end of the month (April), that I hope it will restore my financial balance somehow. We will see. I will do the monthly report soon, to see the impact of me overspending again. I achieved some of my goals, as i just got my Level 5 Psychology diploma and i started to learn a new martial art (running become a bit boring as exercise, or maybe i can blame the shoes, i need some new running shoes too).

See you soon,


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