Saturday, 30 April 2016

April 2016 - Monthly report

My Overview

Total portfolio: £8188 (+230)
Debt:0 (-520)
Net Worth: £8188 (+750)

Investments UK: £2478 (+233)
Investments overseas : £1813 (+11)
Cash: £86 (-177)
Pension: £3811 (+163)

Total Income: £1738 (+526)
Passive income: 183 (10.53%)
Savings rate: 39.95%

Great news, this month my total value of my portfolio is the same as my net worth. You get it right, i have no debt. I am such a wuss. This was one of my hardest month, with a lot of expenses, and extra expenses, and i was planning to increase my savings rate at least with 1% more than last month, meaning 15%. The result, an unbelievable 40% (39.95 to be honest, but i was so close). I am so proud of me. May seems to be an interesting month, with me increasing my overseas investments a bit and probably getting ready to start a new business. And I want to finish some of my unfinished books. A lot of work, if i do not count my holiday for the first 15 days of the month.

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