Monday, 14 March 2016

Give or spend?

Elizabeth Dunn from British Columbia University did an interesting research, measuring happiness before and after the experiment, with everyone from group A giving 20$ to someone from group B, and everyone from group B spending the money on something they wanted but wouldn't spend their money on it.

According to the result, the people from group A had an increase on overall daily happiness, the people from group B had no change or a decrease in their overall daily happiness.

I always allocated 5-10% of my total income to "Give" account, now i find out why is it so important to do that. Some of my friend prefer to donate a part of their time, but each of us can choose the best alternative, as time is money. At the end of the day, who can put a price on happiness?

Another similar experiment, on toddlers this time, showed the same conclusion, that giving make us happy.

(Full experiment here)

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