Sunday, 7 February 2016

Dancing in the rain

It is raining and windy, it is a good time to stay at home, and yet, i am just coming back, after i was running 2 miles through the rain. Another big change due to my financial independence plan. One year ago i was quiting gym after few months, a cycle than seems to repeat often - guilt, 3-4 months of training, getting better, quiting. What is different now? I learned that, in order to reach my goals, i needed long term commitment. It all started with money, and creating healthy personal finance habits. But after some time, the same mindset started to infiltrate into other areas of my life, or as i say it now " How you do anything is how you do everything!". I was committing to increase my savings, to reduce my spending, to buy high quality products when is about my health, but not to pay extra for a name or brand, when i can find the same thing as value product. I became a person who is thinking before acting, who can control and restrain himself now, for better results later. I studied stoicism, frugality, minimalism, i started to de-clutter my life (and my mind throughout the process), I started to meditate regularly, to train myself to be in better shape, to eat and sleep properly. But not in that "i want and i do it" way, even if sometimes i used "i feel enough is enough, i do not want to continue, but i will do it anyway" way.

I don't know if you understand me, it is hard to understand all those changes myself. But i hope you get the idea.

Is it worth it? One thousand times yes. That's it for today.

Good night and sweet dreams!

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