Friday, 5 February 2016

After 1 year of FIRE - anniversary post

I do not know how to start. It is already one year from the moment i decided: i will be financially independent. Back then i was thinking that shares are the way. I was young and naive, i know. I was just learning. I started by making a share dealing account with AJ Bell. I did calculus, comparison, research, you know, the whole deal. After all this colossal effort a bell was ringing, maybe i can find what others already did, maybe even some that are financially independent. And what i found. I was assaulted by information, websites, books, seminars, webinars. My tipping point was the book Money:master the game, by Tony Robbins. Then MrMoneyMustache, then FIRE movement in UK, it is like another life, now that i am looking back.

Enough with the memories, what are the results, you will ask. So i will start with this.

Financial results:
-From zero to 6866 pounds net wealth (to be honest, i think it was a negative value, i didn't know what my debts are back then, right now i have 610 pounds debt remaining).
-I started my additional pension plan, with 3054 pounds saved already on Jan 2016.
-I have invested in shared, bonds, P2P, bitcoin (a hobby of mine) and real estate crowdfunding.
-I published 4 books, with royalties to be paid (i figured out that i need 60-100 to reach a safe monthly income from royalties).
-i learn to plan, to budget and to increase my saving rate. I am no longer living from one wage to another, but i save and invest any extra money.

Physical results:
- in 2015 i had on average 3,5 trainings per week (cardio, running or strength, if you do not need to work, you probably want to be healthy and enjoy your life for longer).
- I run my first 5k last December, aiming for 10 this year.
- I eat healthier than before, even if sometimes if a tough challenge.

- I learn how to restrain myself a bit better,
- I learn that less is better sometimes (I even had a 3 days complete fasting for an experiment).
- I learn to sacrifice immediate need for a future success.

- I tried to improve my chess, in order to develop that analytical mind skill set ( i did not failed this, but i did not improve too much either)
- I learn to enjoy the benefits of luxury without too much guild (when  we need it , we need it), but i always looked for alternative, less expensive options.
- I am achieving better results, i am more focused and more motivated intellectually
- I did a Nutrition and Health course, and a Harvard Justice online class.
- Fighting bad habits and enforcing better habits, although this is work in progress.

This is the resume, if I start with details, it will be enough to write a book (I decided that I will write the book after I will be financially independent, not before). Anyway, it was a difficult but entertaining journey and i am thrilled about this year to come.

Good luck to you too and good night!

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