Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Side hustle - Orchard

So, as i am constantly looking for a side hustle, i found something interesting, applied in my country of origin. On paper seems good enough, ROI is approx. 400% in 4 years, so almost 100% per year. Is about some tree called Pawlonia - 2 species in fact, pawlonia tormentosa and pawlonia elongata. You will make futures contracts with furniture companies, that oblige them to buy it at the harvest time, and you can make the contract at the moment you planted the trees. Once you got the land, you can hire a tree company to plant the small trees, end of April is the best, other option is in Autumn, but is more complicated. You got insurance on every tree that need to be replanted in the next 12 months, which is good as the rate of success is 98%, so probably 2 trees need to be replanted for every 100 planted initially. Then, most important thing, you need to water them for 5-6-7 months as requested. After that they are alright by themselves. So all you need is land, a water source and 1800-2000 euro per 10.000 square meters. Al least 3 meters between each tree is recommended. That all. I will update about this once i will start it.

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