Sunday, 6 December 2015

Kindle - yes or not?

Inspired by the Jedi Master Huw Davies and his awesome blog, i decided that my side hustle for 2016 will be Kindle Publishing. I am starting from Zero, and i am hoping to go to Hero Level, with my first kindle publishing book very soon. I am working on it, is 20-30% done. I also started the second one, to continue with, at the moment is 5% done. I also set up account on CreateSpace, on Amazon, and i found some very good freelance websites, just in case i need a cover for the book or something similar. Seems to have a huge potential, the only thing is that some complicated books i use to work at will take a lot of time to publish. Meanwhile i will do some different projects which will need less time, being easier to finish.

I will keep you updated.
Have a nice week!

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