Thursday, 10 December 2015

Is December a busy month?

What to talk about? December. What a month! Extra expenses, Planning the next year. Trying to find some hints about good and cheap shares to buy (Tesco anyone?). Trying to finish my Kindle book (despite my idea that i can finish it very quickly, seems that the time needed is at least double than allocated, and with all this work around the clock, i did not have enough time for it. But i still hope to finish it until the end of the year.). Buying gifts or just give money? (Still thinking at this idea, for my nephew definitely money, after i got him some nice 6 months clothes, only to find that he is much bigger at 4 months) Put finances and documents in order. Extra bill coming out of nowhere, almost getting my bills account in overdraft. Wondering at all the people around me buying like there is no tomorrow. (Stoic attitude anyone?) Thinking about some meditation to deal with extra stress (Real life version: i will just watch some of my favorite movies instead.). The good news today: only 806 pounds spend until now - 350 being rent.  The bad news: 4416 spent in November (i think that half of it was invested, but this is still an all time high. Aiming to be under 1500 in December. We will see.

Good habits training
After November being No Fast Food month, December will be No Bus To Work month. Hopefully. If we will not have snow.

Any good idea to deal with huge amounts of stress?

See you soon.

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