Thursday, 24 December 2015

End of the year

Surprisingly enough, my plan to use a piggy bank for my birthday was approved warmly by my friends, think like "we do not need to make the effort to go out to buy a gift" way. One worry out of the way.

Christmas seems to be a very interesting part of the month, i must to admit, as i am the one to do the first party of the next year, i was invited to different friends, and is good to not cook for a while. Because i am mostly guest next days, i left an empty fridge at home, not like in the past years when i use to buy a lot of food and even to throw 25-30% in the bin.

I am still to train twice for this week and is Friday, that's means one training per day for the weekend. I am doing it. Yes. In fact i will go for a run now, and i have one strength training left to be done.

Two Kindle books published, around 7000 in savings and investments,  33% income increase, a continuous fighting with my eating and drinking habits (partially success), 5k run achieved( i am thinking to aim for 10k next year, even if seems to be a big number), planning for 2 side hustle businesses, 6 books, 5 holidays and double the savings for the next year, but i will see this when i check the monthly and yearly report on 2nd on January.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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