Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Today thought - November first tips and tricks

* As T.H.Eker teach at his seminar, one very easy method to check how much you need to become financial independent, now i expect everyone to say what do you think about his strategy.
Example: How much you need for
Month ===> Year ===> +50%
1500             18000         24000

If you are good enough to invest and have 10% return (average return in real estate in Canada)
then you need 24000 x 10 = 240000.
Pretty close to my way of doing it, I had 242.000 with my method. But i do not know the real estate market in Canada, in UK, in my town, is more like 7-8%. With 11 months rented per year. Without other expenses.

** Speaking about attitude, i found the original article about Hell, yeah! strategy. Click here to read it. I started to used successfully, and is making a difference in my life.

*** Motivational phrase: Sacrifice instant gratification for long term success.

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