Sunday, 15 November 2015

Public opinion

Those days i meet with my missed long time friends from the little town where i was born. I just noticed something strange. Here, in this place where my adventures begin, everyone is still thinking, that it is normal to spend everything you got that month, to buy newest car, phone, build a massive house, and that saving is something you will not do. Never ever. You can max you credit cards instead, if you need money. You can pay them all your life, this is sign you are a normal person. You are probable not of this planet if:
- you can save 50% of your income
- you have no debts (God forbid, this is truly a blasphemy!)
- you want to never work again
- retirement is for people older than 65, only that you are allowed to enjoy life.

Seeing all this, i am a bit like that legendary god of luck, Janus, with had half-face laughing, and half-face crying. I was working out some little hints. One to pay all debts and never do it again, buy only with cash. If you are as rich as you think you are, pay cash for everything you buy. As a challenge. To another friend who is always surprised to have extra expenses, but every month is stuffing another 10 new clothes in his drawer, i challenge him to make an emergency fund of 3 months expenses. To one who told me that he will always have money for everything, i challenge him to save 10% of his monthly income in a long term savings account. Y know i used their big big big Ego, but i am curious know if it will work. I told them that i will give them the next advice only after all three will fulfill their challenge (help and support each other, isn't it?). "Never work again" is a very powerful concept that lure everyone in doing it. It was right to use all those tricks or not? Morally wrong? Hush-hush! And i will do it again any time.

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