Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Choices, choices and choices

This week i faced a hard choice, but in the end the rational part of my mind took a break, and i decided to work some extra 40 hours in order to achieve what i was planning for the current month. I checked and i really, really wanted to earn more than i need to spend for what is left of this year. So, if i am not clever enough (yet) to gain more money for the same amount of time (as Ramit Sethi would say - by the way, go fast to his blog, he is giving his book "I will teach you to be rich" for free at the moment, some good ideas there), coming back, if i cannot gain more money for the same amount of time, than i will work more time for more money. But i will keep the promises done to myself. We will see how efficient this step was at the end of this month. And year.

Meanwhile, market is rising, soon will be a good time to sell some of the shares i want to get rid off, right?

And to finish the post with some nice tips, if you are looking for a new hobby like building off-grid houses, here is a blog post with some free plans links.

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