Saturday, 10 October 2015

So many projects, so little time...

*As my brother wedding came close, i just worked some extra hours. So i found that one of ours bigger expense is taxes. Now, this seems to be one interesting domain, and i will start to take a look at the problem, in the other UK blogs. If you know some great blog that i do not have it at my blog roll, just leave a comment. Thanks.
**My running was amazing until now, but i reach a moment where motivation is important. My total time decreased a bit, 1.07 hours versus 2.19 hours last week, but the week is not finished yet. I would say, even if i know that i will add maybe another 30 min to this week time. My running sessions are something like this:
Week 1 - 1 session
Week 2 - 2 sessions
Week 3 - 5 sessions
Week 4 - 2 sessions
In conclusion, i need to add some additional exercises to this, if i want to be more effective. Idea: i can challenge myself and run tonight and tomorrow. The magic of going out of my comfort zone. I said it. After finishing this post i go to run. Ha,ha!
***I managed to reach a nice number for food expenses last month, i will continue the experiment this week. It is called Do Not Be Lazy And Cook At Home Instead Of Fast Food (i consider pre-packed food fast food too). Last month i was buying fast food only twice, and i eat out 3 times, but i ordered some good proper food every times. October look good too, only one McDonald visit during working time - so i do not know if i count this one. Hmm, i eat it, it count. But it is really good for me to see what a difference make to buy the ingredients and cook your own food. (hell, yeah, i can cook).
****I have seriously progressed with my second book about healthy eating, i would say i am at 50% on my way to publish it. First book - that is so funny, but it was a test - is about poetry, in my native language, so as you can guess is not proving to be a hit, Yet. But i learn how to do it during all that experience of publishing it, so it did the job. I must add - income stream no.7- royalties. So proud of me now. Plus - childhood dream done - publish poetry book. We're good.

See you my friends, i go to run now.

Added later: I did it! I did it!

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