Sunday, 18 October 2015

Mind games

I feel like taking a kind of break next week, after i just finished and 80 hours/workweek, a far cry from Tim Ferris 4 hour workweek. Compared with my last one, my next 37 hours work week look like a walk in the park. But i hope i reach my goals with this, as i will go in a well deserved, and seemingly expensive, holiday. I need to, it is my little brother wedding, so a bit of mayhem is welcome. Anyway, this is scheduled for mid november, i still have time for a side hustle until then.
Meanwhile i try to work on my second book, and despite my slow progress, i will estimate i am at 50% completion. I also try to invest a bit of my time in my development, as i booked a 3 day training with T. Harv Eker, something that sound interesting enough, fancy named Millionaire Mind Intensive.

On top of this, i would like, hmm, poor choice of words, let's try again, I MUST finish this month and the other 2 months left from this year on a positive monthly balance. I am doing my best at the moment, working hard and relaxing even harder. We will all see what the future brings.

P.S. I miss a little market value jump of Bitcoin, as i sold everything on the last month high and i forget to buy it back when was low enough. Eh, no need to worry, i will do it next time. I said to me, but something is still there inside of me, almost crying for the lost opportunity.

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