Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Active vs passive

At the moment most of my monthly money are coming from active sources, something like 95% of it, with only 5% coming from passive income. I do not know what others think, but even after my early retirement, i still see myself as having at least 20-25% of my income coming from active sources. I know, in theory the best option is to have 100% passive, but this will be very boring, isn't it? Now, related to other ideas i had this week, as i was thinking that i am going at a very slow pace, and i wanted to work more in order to reach my goals. Somebody reminded me that in the end not money and early retirement, but our happiness is the goal, money are only the instrument we use for achieving more. And if this journey is a marathon, not a sprint, so be it. Make no sense to exhaust myself or to worry too much about missing some deadline, as they are not set in stone. I was assured that once i will start enjoying life, my productivity will increase and my goals will be achieved faster, using Mr. Bruce Lee own strategy. In order to become faster we need to slow down. I will keep you posted about this.

Added later: As a big joke from Universe, after this post i checked my accounts, I've seen that the markets are recovering the percentages lost in the last months. So i am growing after all. Hip-hip-hooray!

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