Wednesday, 9 September 2015

What is the secret of becoming financially independent?

I always asked myself, why some people get whatever they want, even if they do not deserved (in my eyes), when other never had a chance, even if they probably deserved (again, in my eyes). There is one thing above all that make the difference, and the one that said "where there is a will, is a way!" was very close to the truth. "One ring to rule them all". (i know, i know, i am a nerd!)
One word.
Did you get it? I will say it again. Now think about it. You will find that i am right
That's it. No secret behind the secret. You need only to do it, again and again, despite problems, despite being bored or despite the lack of results. Keep going. And never stop. Never.
One day you will be there. You will. I am sure.

Commitment - by Abe

Added 10.9.2014: And looking around i found this wonderful article about commitment. Click here to read it. 

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