Monday, 21 September 2015

MrMoneyMustache versus Ramit Sethi

How do i see it and who is winning this epic clash in my mind? Probably only a handful of people know what i am talking about. But i will do this post, mostly because those two are the one who inspired me to start my journey to financial independence. In the left corner of my mind ring we have MMM, the silent assassin of the useless desires, the stoic, MR. MONEYMUSTACHEEEE! In the right corner, the olive skinned toreador, and his golden cape, RAMIT SETHIII! Betting are on, who gonna win?

And despite my warlike scenario, the two of them like each other, i could say, even if they do not approve completely of their 'arch-nemesis' strategy. But they offered a beer one another's, and i see them drinking one of MMM home brew, or a Golden flake 12.000 dollars beer, depending on who is setting up the place.

Regarding me, i was always an adept of learning from everyone, so i applied some of techniques inspired by both. I would say that most of the time i go towards a Mustachian style of life, but then I would ask you, which way are you going if you will be asked to choose a position in between those two?

P.S. I am talking about the following blogs: MrMoneyMustache,com - personal finance and early retirement blog and - a blog about how to reach a luxury lifestyle

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