Tuesday, 1 September 2015

1 September - monthly statistics

Just few of my relevant financial statistics:

Money from interests and dividends this year (up to 1.08.2015) - 320 pounds (+48)
Month average (first 8th months of my early retirement project) - 40 pounds (+6)
Yearly ROI percentage prediction - 10.66% (-3.58)
Retirement fund percentage achieved : 5.20% (still the same 5.20 after all decreased and i added funds)
Security fund investment: 48.36% (-3.38)
Risk fund investment: 51.64% (+3.38)
Total investment: 5762.09 pounds (+50)
Total debt: 780 pounds
Net worth: 4982.09 pounds (+50)

Wages  - 1646
Investments - 48
TOTAL: 1694

Expenses: 3567

So, on the paper is somehow disastrous, but my nephew was born, I started a new job and i was surviving on my saved cash until i was paid at the end of this month, i just had a holiday in Malta and Norway for me and Mrs and my cash reserves is literally ZERO. (I still consider it a success as i still got 11 pounds in bank after i paid everything - bills, rent, flight, food etc). Time to rebuild the cash now. A wedding at the middle of November and not much until then.

I am open to answer to any common sense question about mine or yours retirement project.

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