Monday, 17 August 2015

How to became financially independent in ten steps - midnight story

When you just start on your way to financial independence, is usually a very personal choice. You want that! You get enough of a life behind the desk! You can do it! And you start the tenuous process of learning, the journey from the absolute beginner to glorious expert that can finally retire from "that" uneventful job because he/she just mastered the secret technique of the middle finger.
There are some steps, and you can follow them or jump over a few, depending on how fast you learn. Hint: there are so many others that already did the research, made all the mistakes and reach the final goal, so any clever person will study the Chosen Ones that are already retired very very early, by all means. And i know that you are clever enough, because you want to become a FI fighter.
Step 1: You heard about some strange people who were so lucky that managed to retire at age of 40, or even 30. Maybe they won the lottery.
Step 2: You are curious to find more, and you discover that not one of them was a lottery winner, but they just saved the money they needed for this. Must be some amazing people with hundreds of thousands as salary.
Step 3: You realize that they are normal people, on average salary, and they managed to save 50-80% of their monthly wages. How seems to be that 5% of your savings now?
Step 4: Still not believing, you start to ask yourself, if they did it, maybe i can do it too. This is the moment when you start reading about everyone and you will find that this is a modern trend followed by many, and a lot of people around you already achieved financial independence.
Step 5: You act and start saving like a mad, but the numbers will show that you will need some 10-20 years of savings until you get there. Start checking even more,
Step 6: You will find that some of them are better than others, and you realize that the difference is made by a solid plan. You understand that you need simultaneously to reduce your expenses and to find alternative ways to gain more money in order to invest regularly.
Step 7: You made your plan. You are now at 5-7 years away from FIRE (financial independence/retirement early).
Step 8: Your work became a pleasure, because you know your final goal. Your quality of life increase even when you try to teach yourself discipline and motivation. Your savings are increasing steadily every year.
Step 9: You reach your goal. You can stop working for the money.
Step 10: Your life as a free human being begin now. A new adventure. Are you ready to enjoy it? Of course you are, you trained for this in the past years.

P.S. I can share my story and i can help you with relevant links if you are ready to start. (He he! The links are already here in this post, by the way, did you see it?)

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