Friday, 21 August 2015

Dreaming about FIRE

Everyone got motivated in some way to start the journey to financial independence. Some want to spend more time with the children, some want to avoid 9-5 working hours. Some want more time to follow their hobbies. Me, i am dreaming about a time when i will not need to use the alarm to wake me up. When i was still a child i discovered something that changed me completelly. It is called lucid dreaming. It is an amalgam of techniques that allow you to do whatever you want in your dreams, once you become aware that you are sleeping. I was fascinated by the complexity and the results that i achieved. In your dream you can fly, you can have Marvel-like superpowers, you can treat your phobias in a controlled environment. You can do anything. But my newly gained abilities decreased over time, until they completely dissapeared, thanks to 17 years of working on shifts, mostly during the night time. The delicate balance that allowed me to do all that incredible things was destroyed, and i never recovered. So this is my reason. This is my motivation. 
I want to dream more, not only when i am awake, but when i am sleeping too. A world without alarm clock. This is making me to go forward. 

I am just curious, what is the reason behind your financiar independence dream?

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